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Cleaning Your Records

Keeping your records clean can make a big difference in the sound quality and helps prevent additional wear. There are a few things we recommend.†

Get an†anti-static carbon fiber cleaning brush. Use this, ideally, each time you play a record or when you need to remove surface dust. †

If you want a deeper clean, we recommend a wet cleaning. Pick up some record cleaning solution (we carry Vinyl Style brand) or make your own. A DIY record cleaning solution is just:

-†††††† 6 parts distilled water

-†††††† 1 part isopropyl alcohol 91% (from drug store)

-†††††† 1 drop of clear dishwashing liquid

Lay the record on a soft cloth. Dab a small amount of cleaning fluid on a microfiber cloth and wipe in the direction of the grooves.

If you want a more thorough option we recommend the record washer from Spin-Clean. Itís a solid design thatís been around since the 1970s and costs around $80.

There are more expensive record cleaner options in the marketplace. We sometimes use an Ultrasonic cleaner for higher end LPs or LPs that need an extra amount of cleaning. We can clean your personal LPs with an ultrasonic record cleaner for $25 per 10 LPs. They will be returned within a week or sooner and will be housed in an anti-static inner sleeve with a new clear outer sleeve on the cover.†

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